Watch and win on the For Honor Dominion Series Major

We're very excited to partner up with the team at For Honor to bring you a fresh experience of Azarus Challenge, exclusively on the For Honor Dominion Series Majors.
In this version of the game, we're changing the rules. There are 3 ways to win:
  • Viewers earn points by watching the broadcast. 1 point every 10mins.
  • Viewers can accumulate more points by answering Challenge Questions that appear during the broadcast as well.
  • A leaderboard keep track of everybody's performance.

Progression is tracked on the Azarus overlay extension. Once enough points have been accumulated, viewers unlock rewards that they can unlock straight from the game.
On top of the 5 tiers of Viewership Rewards, viewers who reach top 3 highest points will be rewarded 100,000 Steel!


Oh, and Azarus Challenges is looking awesome for the occasion: