Turbocharge your streams with Azarus! Add a new interactive element to grow, engage, and retain your viewership. It's easy and quick to install, simple to operate, and integrates seamlessly into your streaming dashboard.
Boost Viewership
Improve Engagement
Gamify Your Stream

Give It a Go

Creators who stream Rainbow Six: Siege or For Honor can activate the Azarus Extension and try it out.
Please note: Challenge Questions will be fired on your streams but AZA Credits will not be awarded to your viewers. To get AZAs added to your streams please apply to the Azarus Beta Program.

How To Apply

Azarus is currently in a Beta test and we are looking for Creators to help. If you are interested in having Azarus fully active on your stream please fill out the Application Form with some basic information to see if you qualify.

Join the Fun!

Here’s what some of our Creators are saying about Azarus

Supported Games

Azarus is accepting Creator applications for the following games:
Rainbow SiegeRainbow Siege
Top Rewards:
Icon5 000 Renown Code - Redeem by 9.18 - 3 AZAs
IconR6 Minor Pro League Universal Epic Charm - SOLD OUT
For HonorFor Honor
Top Rewards:
Icon1x XP Boost - 0.5 UBI
IconPremium Scavenger Crate - 1 UBI